Compex Muscle Stimulators

Compex muscle stimulators provide Electrostimulation. Electrostimulation was originally created for muscle rehabilitation but now it is being used successfully for enhancing muscle performance.

What Does the Compex Device Do?

The compex device stimulates motor nerves that create muscle contractions which exercise the muscles. Without a device like this you would obtain the same exercise by having your brain send a signal to the muscle to contract. The compex device simulates that process, however you are not taxing the cardio vascular system.



How do I use my Compex?

Here is a list of quick and easy steps to get started. Of course you should read the manual. If you have not purchased one yet, here is how easy it is to use. Follow these steps.


  • 1. connect the cables to the Compex device, they simply plugin in
  • 2. connect the electrodes onto the muscles you want to stimulate, for example upper legs
  • 3. choose the program you want to use on the Compex device, see the list below
  • 4. choose the part of the body you are going to use, as in this example, the upper legs
  • 5. choose if you would like a warm-up or not
  • 6. then simply press start

    During a warmup you will feel your muscles twitch. During the program you will feel the contractions. It is that easy to setup and use.

    Which Program Should I Choose?

    Depending on which model of Compex you choose there are multiple programs to use. The chart below shows the programs associated with each model. Here is a list of all the programs.

    • Endurance Program : Builds slow-twitch muscle fibers to help you cope with long-duration aerobic activities and increases muscle resistance
    • Resistance Program : Builds both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers for endurance and strength
    • Strength Program : Increases sheer muscle strength better than conventional weight lifting alone, with less risk of muscle-tendon injury
    • Explosive Strength Program : For developing short bursts of power without the traumatic or violent movements associated with conventional training
    • Potentiation Program : Warms up muscle faster without psychological, muscular or cardiovascular fatigue
    • Active Recovery Program : Facilitates relaxation of muscles and reduces muscle soreness and stiffness
    • Recovery Plus Program : Does not contract the muscle. Helps clear lactic acid and increase blood flow at lower frequencies
    • Pre-Warm Up Program : Does not contract the muscle. Runs at a frequency specifically targeted to increase blood flow that oxygenates the muscles
    • Massage Program : Electrostimulation develops the blood capillary network of the exposed muscles


    What Does Hertz (Hz) Mean?

    Essentially the Hertz is the number of stimulations per second. Here is how the hertz rates correspond to the type of program:

    • Active Recovery Program 1 - 9 Hz
    • Endurance Program 10-20 Hz
    • Resistance 50 - 70 Hz
    • Strength 75 - 100 Hz
    • Explosive Strength 101 - 120 Hz

    You do not need to know the Hertz or specify the number of Hertz because the complex software takes care of all of this for you. You just choose the type of program.


    Compex Devices

    The Compex devices assist with increasing muscle strength, muscle size, endurance, and explosive strength as well as muscle recovery. These devices are cleared by the FDA. Now let’s be clear about why you use electrostimulation. It is not meant to be a replacement for traditional strength training exercises. But it does allow you to attain results that were previously unachievable through strength training alone. Use electrostimulation to complement your existing sports training program.

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