Flow Balance Board ( Intermediate to Advanced Riders )

Flow Balance Board ( Intermediate to Advanced Riders )

The performance driven Flow makes this model a must have for any intermediate to advanced athlete looking to increase their...

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The performance driven Flow makes this model a must have for any intermediate to advanced athlete looking to increase their performance, strength and overall balance skills. The Flow boasts an hourglass shaped 7-ply maple deck, high density injection molded rail system, environmentally friendly STS traction surface and a solid hardwood angle tapered rock. This uniquely designed deck and rock combo allow for a quick transfer of rotational energy from hips to legs to board. This low impact ride is great for full body conditioning and fun. It will have you carving around the competition in no time.

  • Balance Board Intermediate Level
  • Hourglass shaped 7-ply maple deck
  • Injection molded rail system
  • Has a Roller that the board sits on
  • Made in the U.S.A.

How is this board different from the Zippy?

Although the decks are shaped differently both the Flow and Zippy decks have the same overall running length and are similar in performance. The most significant difference in performance is designed around the Rocks (or rollers). The longer Zippy rock is machined with their patented outrigger design which act as "training wheels" when a rider applies toe or heal pressure to the board. The outriggers allow for increased stability when performing maneuvers requiring toe and heal pressure such as turning spinning and tilting. It's the outrigger design that makes the Zippy ideal for beginner to intermediate riders. Conversely the outrigger-less design of the Flow rock allows the rider to achieve greater toe and heal performance at higher angles thereby making the Flow more challenging and performance driven. The Flow is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders.

Ideal for:

  • Intermediate to Advanced Riders
  • Snowboarders
  • Surfers
  • Board Sport Enthusiasts
  • Athletically Inclined Kids
  • Active Adults


  • 100% North American Maple
  • Length: 28 1⁄2"
  • Width: 7 1⁄4" waist, 8 3⁄4" nose/tail
  • Shape: Hourglass waist
  • Surface: Superior traction surface
  • Molded rail end and stop system.


  • Diameter: 4"
  • Length: 9 5/16"
  • Surface: 5 1/4"
  • Shape: 31 degree angled taper

Performance Series

The more traditional style balance boards, the Performance Series feature rolling fulcrums (or rocks) with i-beam construction under each deck that allows for maximum maneuverability and performance. Each rock is specifically designed with varying amounts of taper allowing for unique levels of performance. The Performance Series boards are ideal for anyone serious about balance training.

Made in the USA
made in usa