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Snow Boarding with Snurfers

What we call snow boarding today was originally deemed snow surfing.  You can find the entire history of snow boarding here. Snow surfing was deemed snurfing and the board was named a snurfer.  

Who created the original snow board known as the snuffer? Sherman R. Poppen was an engineer by trade and figured out that by putting two skis together he could create a larger surface area that resembled a surf board.  He did just that and also added a rope the end for additional balance and control.  Since he was combining snow and surfing his wife named the new invention a "snurfer".  Like any good inventor he decided to make a couple more and let his children's friends try them.  They were a hit with the kids so he went about finding a company to make them.  He was able to convince the Brunswick Corporation to do just that.  Would you believe that over the next decade they sold about a million snurfers.  They ultimately were made made from the same laminated wood used for bowling lanes.   Sherman then filed March 17, 1966 for a patent which became Patent number 3,378,274 and issued April 16, 1968 as a “Surf-Type Snow Ski”.

The boards were originally sold as novelty items but they gained in popularity so quick that they soon defined a whole new category of winter sports equipment.  Starting in 1968 a local college hosted a National Snow Surfing Competition.  Riders of all ages came to complete and watch.  As with any new sport the Snurfer began to be imitated and customized.  Snowboarding was born and chnages were made, however the original Snurfer still remains a lot of fun and easy to use, enjoyable for all ages. Sherman was inducted into the Snowboard Hall of Fame in 1995.

Snurfer Benefits

There are no bindings on the board, you simply place your feet on the board and go.  The string helps you maintain control.  You also do not need much snow at all, merely an inch or two and a hill is all you need.   It is a lot easier, cheaper and faster then traveling to the slopes and getting your lift ticket.  Grab a snurfer and have fun in your backyard or any hill you may find.