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What does it mean to steam clean?  Basically exactly what it sounds like.  You use steam for cleaning.  But it can also be used to dry items fast and more importantly sanitize surfaces. It can be used in many different ways, such as to remove spots on floors and rugs, beds, drapes, ovens, engines, killing dust mites and more.  Cleaning is important and so is killing bedbugs, dust mites and other allergens.  To kill eggs the temperature needs to reach 180 degrees, steam cleaners reach an even higher temperature and therefore will kill bedbugs and their eggs.  Any thing else left behind will also be killed, such as viruses or bacteria, all without using and leaving any chemicals.  Ideal for using around your family and bedding, cleaning grout lines on tile and stone floors, showers and enclosures.  

It is common to confuse steam cleaners with carpet shampooers which often are incorrectly called steam cleaners.  A carpet shampooer simply mixes hot water with a cleaning solution and does not use steam.  Another big difference is that a vapor steam cleaner does not use harmful chemicals, it simply uses water heated to a high enough temperature to create steam.  The amount of water needed to create steam and use for cleaning is significantly less than the amount of water a shampooer or similar device may use.

How do they work?  Steam is produced by the heating of water in a boiler to produce water vapor.  Steam cleaners vary, some are hand held and some are larger.  Typically there are attachments to apply the steam to the area you want to cover.  Popular attachments include hoses that resemble vacuums and push the steam in a larger area which can be moved across rugs and floors.  Other attachments can focus the steam in smaller areas.  

Steam cleaning is often an excellent example of green cleaning meaning that the cleaning is environmentally friendly.  The fact that only steam is used and there are no chemicals makes steam cleaning great for the environment and also excellent for home cleaning.   Due to the lack of chemicals you do not have to worry about where you use it.  Vapor steam cleaners are excellent for use in hypoallergenic environments.

You would be surprised how many imaginative ways people use steam.  We have used it for removing pet urine from carpets but also created a video showing how we used it in the winter to remove ice from a home stoop.

You no longer have to clean with chemicals, using steam to clean, disinfect, and deodorize is an excellent eco-friendly alternative.  Just use water and heat to provide a 100% natural chemical free cleaning to protect the health of your family.

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