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Hand Held Steam Cleaner

The Amico Hand Held Steamer (model MR-75), In Italian, Amico means "little friend".  It is portable and weighs only 3.5...

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The Amico Hand Held Steamer (model MR-75), In Italian, Amico means "little friend".  It is portable and weighs only 3.5 pounds.  This hand held steam cleaner was created and designed to move with you. You can easily sanitize and clean your entire home or office.  What is better than a 100% chemical free cleaning system? A chemical free hand held cleaning system that includes the a large array of accessories and attachments. As a matter of fact it has more accessories and attachments than any other steam cleaner on the market. When cleaning items such as a car you can easily get into the places you want to clean.

To clean your home, auto, or office easily and quickly what is the most important feature?  Versatility and power in a machine that was specifically created for high performance cleaning on the move. As you move around or try to get into high areas, tight areas, and other hard to clean areas, the Amico can get the job done.  Built for a lifetime of use the Amico is backed by superior customer service from VAPamore as well as the exclusive VAPamore Lifetime Warranty.

  • Hand held portable steam cleaner
  • Produces 210 degree steam, with a 1000 watt water heater
  • Kills germs, dust mites, mold and mildew
  • Cleans and sanitizes without chemicals
  • Great for Home and Auto
  • Has a Vapamore Lifetime Warranty
  • Weights only 3.5 pounds



    HEAmotivation says: Want to clean bathrooms, cars, or kitchens, easily and quickly without chemicals? So do we!  It only weighs 3.5 pounds and kills germs, dust mites, mold and mildew.  Great to take care of all the cleaning needs you have.  



    • Includes: Steam Hose & Connector, Accessory Tool Adapter, Jet Nozzle, Detail Scraper, Nylon Brush Straight, Nylon Grout Brush, Nylon Medium Duty Brush, Large Nylon Brush, Small Brass Brush, Large Brass Brush, Large Stainless Steel Brush, Fabric Steamer and Squeegee, Cotton Cover x 3, Measuring Cup, Carrying Case, and Accessory Storage Bag


    From the Manufacturer:

    Vapamore is the essence of superior design and intelligent engineering. Every Vapamore product is built and rigorously tested with a passion to realize the perfect steam cleaning machine. With innovative ingenuity, creativity and undeniable skill, the first Vapamore steam cleaner came into existence. The drive for innovation soon led to the creation of an impressive line of Vapamore products.

    Vapamore engineering is ever evolving, transforming the most powerful elements of nature, water and air, into the world‘s most advanced steam cleaning technology. Each product offers a 100% natural, chemical-free cleaning that purifies your home and protects the health of your family. Built into the heart of the machine are specialized high performance components engineered to dramatically improve the quality and functionality of the Vapamore line.

    The shared Italian heritage of the Vapamore organization breathes life into the company. This makes them exceptional in their industry for being extremely professional and a joy to their customers. In the Italian language, vapore means ‘steam‘ and ‘amore‘ means ‘love‘ – hence, "the love of steam." This phrase drives Vapamore towards the pursuit of creative realization where everyone truly cares about delivering a premium product and an unparalleled experience.

    Vapamore Lifetime Warranty

    Vapamore‘s commitment to creating the perfect product has inspired the unprecedented Vapamore Lifetime Warranty. Every owner of a Vapamore product is guaranteed a top quality machine and outstanding customer service for life.


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