Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner

Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner

The Vapamore MR-100 PRIMO is a complete cleaning system made to clean and sanitize your entire home using...

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The Vapamore MR-100 PRIMO is a complete cleaning system made to clean and sanitize your entire home using the power of steam, eliminating the need for toxic and expensive cleaning chemicals. This ultramodern machine leaves a powerful, deep clean. It chemically free deep cleans the kitchen, bathroom, garage, backyard, BBQ grill, and thousands of other areas around the home and office. 
The cleaning possibilities are limitless with the wide range of included accessories and attachments. The MR-100 PRIMO is made for a lifetime of use, backed by an exclusive Lifetime Warranty.
If you like the feel and use of a traditional vacuum then this MR-100 Primo Model is for you.  This particular model resembles a canister vacuum and has extensions to provide the familiar vacuum like operation.  The handle in the pictures can be reduced greatly to use in close quarters as well.
Here is a video we created showing how it can be used to clean carpet stains out of a rug.  In this video a new puppy recently relieved itself on the carpet.

Accessories and attachments twist and lock securely in place.  Of note are items such as the detail adapter which can be used as is or with the jet nozzle accessory for hard to reach areas such as toilet seat hinges, bathroom or kitchen fixtures and faucets, or any other hard to reach areas. These jet tips also work great for spot treating fabric stains and even cleaning jewelry. The clothes and fabric smooth surface attachment is excellent and can be used as a squeegee  for cleaning and sanitizing granite counter tops, kitchen counters, cleaning shower doors or any smooth surface area.
The possibilities are endless. Here is a unique use of the Primo steam cleaner to clean a front door stoop which was covered with thick ice.

The Primo was designed with a variety of choice accessories, which are included to give you maximum utility and protection from the risk of viruses, allergens, bacteria, mold, and mildew and a significant advantage over pests such as bed bugs, and dust mites, and other. No other steam cleaning product in the industry offers such incredible value.
Accessories are conveniently stored on board for easy access.  They include:
  • Jet Nozzle Tool,
  • Detail Scraper Tool,
  • Nylon Grout Brush,
  • Nylon Medium Duty Brush,
  • Large Nylon Brush,
  • Brass Metal Brush,
  • Clothes and Fabric Tool,
  • Cotton Cover for Clothes and Fabric Tool,
  • Micro Fiber Floor Pad,
  • Floor Cleaning Head,
  • 3 Extension Tubes,
  • Fabric Tool,
  • Smooth Surface Squeegee,
  • Measuring Cup,
  • Fill Funnel,
  • Accessory Storage Bag,
  • Replacement O-ring Set


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