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This is more than a store, this is the online experience we all want but cannot find, read on to understand why we are so different.  If I could tell you one thing about this business and online store, it would be this:

We do not sell anything that has not passed our scrutiny and met our criteria. 

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable that we have done the same research you would do and you can purchase from us knowing you are getting the best in class products.

If we would not purchase it ourselves then we do not sell it. 

This is how I can best explain it. What if you are looking for a particular product and you did not have to research all the potential products to find the best?  But what does “best” mean?  I have found over my years of purchasing way too much stuff that to be thorough I search resources such as the manufacturers website, websites with product reviews, forums and other websites where individuals leave reviews.  This is the equivalent of asking friends and experts what they think. Next, after finding out what others think we then look at the products qualities such as their safety and quality, and note items that are environmentally friendly, made in the U.S., or have other unique characteristics.  

We research everything, sometimes to a fault, and end up taking much more time to choose a product because we want to be sure we choose the best.  And to answer my original question about what defines the “best” product is the one that received great reviews and matches our criteria for that product.  If you are like us you want a well made product and are willing to pay for quality.  Gone are my days of choosing the cheapest priced product I could find only to end up disappointed in the quality and eventually purchasing the higher quality product in the end.  

How did we end up focusing on products in the health, home and fitness markets?  It turns out those are the major categories that I worry the most about when it comes to choosing the correct one. As I have a family and kids, and twins that were premature leaving their lungs not fully developed, I am extremely careful what I bring into my home.  As a family we focus on our health, exercise and our own environment. I used to think it was just food that I had to worry about, now it is the entire home, and work, environment including water and air.  Therefore the product focus is on high quality health, home and fitness products.  We do not carry every brand, we only carry those that meet our stringent criteria.

I tried to find a place online that I would feel comfortable purchasing from, a site that already did the research for me, presented me with only quality products.  Quite frankly I wanted a place to save me the time of having to research myself and put my mind to ease that I would receive a high quality product that did what I wanted it to do.  It didn’t exist, it seems most sites just list every product and company in every category and you have to do the research yourself.  So fed up with not finding what I wanted, after all these years, I decided to create it myself.

This means you not find information that was simply cut and paste from a manufacturers like every other website out there.  Each product will have our opinions added from our experience using it, testing it, and comparing it.  We are constantly updating product descriptions and adding new products after our review.  We are adding unique features such as 360 degree images that allow you to enlarge the product full screen and rotate it with your mouse.  You get the experience of being in a store, opening a box, and looking at the product up close.   In fact you get a better experience than you would at a physical store.  We have much more information about the product than you would find from an assistant in store.  Additional articles about the health, home and fitness products we provide are being added constantly.

Here is a little about the products we carry.  Clean air and water are two things that I never thought I would have to worry about.  I mentioned our premature twins earlier, that is what started my quest to find the highest quality products in those two categories as our children needed a very clean environment due to the fact that they were premature and had lung issues.  So after beginning my research I found that there are many products to choose from.  Too many if you ask me, and since they pertain to my family’s health I wanted to be sure I chose well.  It was a daunting task, I now know more about clean air and water purification than I ever knew and that is saying a lot because my father’s career was spent at the EPA and he once headed up the clean air and water division.  As you can imagine I made some amazing water purification science projects.  So this online store was started with air purifiers and water purifiers but not every brand and every product in every category.  That would defeat the purpose.  We have tested and used all the products we offer for air purification and describe in detail whey we chose the brands and products we did.  We also offer the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can chose the one to fit your needs best.  The same goes for the products relating to water purification.

As someone who enjoy sports of all kinds and tries to stay healthy, in between my chocolate cravings, we branched out into sports and fitness products as well as home products and clothes that also fit our needs.  Our criteria also encompasses environmentally friendly products, those that do not use damaging chemicals and those that try to recycle as much as possible.  Here are some examples in our home and clothing categories. 

Cleaning and cleaning products seem to be the worst offenders when it comes to using harmful chemicals.  Years ago I was won over by the power of steam.  I did not believe that it was possible to obtain a good deep clean, or any clean for that matter, with hot water turned to steam.  I could not have been more wrong and I had no idea the number of applications that a steam cleaner could provide.  It is just hot water, there are no chemicals.  You could not get a more environmentally friendly cleaning apparatus than a steam cleaner. You can clean and sanitize using the power of steam.  You can chemically free clean kitchens, bathrooms, grilles and more.  We have created videos showing how we used it to clean carpets and remove pet urine from white carpets and for other tasks such as deicing the front stoop of a house.  You can even use a steam cleaner in your car, to remove wrinkles from drapes, to kill any potential bed bugs, the uses are endless. 

What about other environmentally friendly products?  Would you ever imagine that you could help the environment when you purchase scented candles for your home?  You can with Unwined candles because they reuse wine bottles and use soy wax.  At a time when only 1/3 of the glass is recycled it is nice to see a company come up with such a unique way to recycle glass.  Other products include bamboo sunglasses, we carry Swell's handcrafted sunglasses from bamboo.  Bamboo is an excellent alternative to wood because it is an renewable alternative due to the fact that it can grow to maturity in three years as opposed to hard wood that can take up to sixty years.  Bamboo also has advantageous properties such as the fact that they are extremely light.

We hope you are able to understand the mission of this site, to research products thoroughly, to analyze the multitude of product reviews, to compare our criteria to each product, in an effort to assure we only provide you with top quality products. 

We do the research so you don't have to.

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Live Healthy.