Vew-Do El Dorado Balance Board (Advanced Level)

Vew-Do El Dorado Balance Board (Advanced Level)

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The El Dorado is by far the most challenging Vew Do to date making it a must have for advanced...

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The El Dorado is by far the most challenging Vew Do to date making it a must have for advanced balance board riders and athletes. Their designers have combined an ultra thin, extra wide, full grip tape concave deck with a Rock (roller) that boasts an increased 5" diameter, quick radial taper, and a reduced primary riding surface. What this means is that the the El Dorado is the ultimate set up for full rotational balance board riding and training. If your serious about becoming a better athlete of just want to have some serous fun, then the El Dorado is right for you.

  • Balance Board Advanced Level
  • Extra wide, full grip tape concave deck
  • Made in the U.S.A.

    The El Dorado is the most challenging balance trainer to date.

    It's designed to push the limits of traditional style balance board riding by featuring an aggressively tapered 5" diameter 'rock' for fast, responsive and super fun riding.

    When sitting down to design the El Dorado, inspiration was drawn from some of their original board and rock combos which Brew hand turned back in 1990. With the increased rock diameters and longer deck lengths, these early day set ups required significantly more intuitive balance skills thereby creating a more challenging ride. Well now with the El D's aggressively tapered rock, increased rock diameter, full grip tape surface concave deck and increased nose and tail length, the El Dorado meets the demands of todays intuitive balance board riders looking to push their limits.

    "It's true that I can have a blast riding any one of our Vew-Do models, but when it comes to pushing the envelope of what can be done on any balance board, The El Dorado is by far my board of choice" - Brew "Vew" Moscarello

    Freeride inspired and uninhibited. The ultimate in performance balance board riding.


    • Length: 31 1⁄2"
    • Width: 9 1⁄2" waist, 9" nose/tail
    • Shape: Concave
    • North American Maple Veneer deck
    • Surface: Printed grip tape
    • Molded rail end and stop system.


    • Diameter: 5"
    • Length: 9 5/16"
    • Surface: 4 3/4"
    • Shape: 50 degree radial taper

    Performance Series

    Their more traditional style balance boards, the Performance Series feature rolling fulcrums (or rocks) with i-beam construction under each deck that allows for maximum maneuverability and performance. Each rock is specifically designed with varying amounts of taper allowing for unique levels of performance. Their Performance Series boards are ideal for anyone serious about balance training.

    Ideal for:

    • Advanced Balance Board Riders
    • Skateboarders
    • Aggressive athletes
    • Extreme athletes.

    Made in the USA
    made in usa